Carley Smith "Beauty AND Beast"

Carley was a gymnast and a cheerleader before she began powerlifting. During her first year in college after receiving a full scholarship for cheerleading she took part in winning a National Championship. After struggling with her asthma and being taller and weighing more than your average co-ed cheerleader, she realized college cheerleading wasn't what she wanted to pursue. She began working out with her two older brothers, Clint and Dusty and in 2012 they encouraged her to join powerlifting which they were already a part of. Carley imagined she wouldn't be very good at it being a small girl but attempted anyway. After seeing how welcoming the lifting community was to her and the "wows" she got from viewers, she was immediately hooked to the sport . Carley was also amazed at how it transformed her body. She had always hated being so thin and unshapely. "I want to show girls you can lift heavy with the guys and still feel and look girly."



"My goals are to become as good at powerlifting as I possibly can and hopefully inspire someone along the way. I want to show girls they can be pretty and have a great body as well as be a beast."



APA American Records:

123lb weight: class junior deadlift of 319lbs

132lb weight class: junior squat of 260lbs, junior deadlift of 350lbs, and junior total of 780lbs

APA World Records:

123lb. weight class: junior deadlift of 319lbs, open and junior deadlift only of 319lbs

132lb. weight class: junior squat of 265lbs, junior bench of 155lbs, and junior deadlift only of 347lbs