Leah Smith

 Leah has always had an active lifestyle. She grew up playing travel soccer and volleyball so working out was nothing new to her. While studying for her B.S. in Chemical Engineering she met her husband Clint. They began working out together as a way to spend time together. Clint was involved in powerlifting so Leah decided to begin lifting with him at the gym. He saw her potential and entered her into her first powerlifting meet in 2011. After her first competition she began to realize her potential and started competing regularly.







 A few of her goals are to break the squat and total APA 148lb open world records. Also adding to her deadlift world record putting her total in the 1,000 lb range. This would rank her in the top 10 for the best of the best on powerlifting watch.




Leah competes in the 148lb & 165lb weight class with best lifts to date in completion are 380lb squat, 176lb bench, and 452lb deadlift.

She holds the APA 148lb open deadlift world record.

Leah is also ranked in the top 25 on powerlifting watch best of the best.