Dominick Matrana "The Amped Animal" 

Dominicks journey began two years after an ACL tear that finished his high school football career. His weight peaked at 420lb and was unhappy with himself. He started working out at a local gym and quickly gained strength and lost 80lb in the first 6 months. That’s when he competed in his first powerlifting competition in September of 2012 at the age of 22. Dominick has excelled very quickly in the sport and knows there is a lot more to come. "I know what it means to work and strive for my goals and what it takes to accomplish them. I want to help others achieve their goals and motivate them to be the best they can be."


 "My goals are simply to do the best in every aspect of my life in and outside of the gym. I want to leave my foot print on this world, before my time is up.  I will work to break the all-time American and world record in deadlift for the SHW class."


Dominick best lifts to date is a 705.5lb squat, 529lb bench and a 887lb deadlift

His best total is 2,077lbs

Top 10 on powerlifting watch for his weight class.

Dominick has a world record in the APA Federation for deadlift in the SHW class.